Businesses should mobilize to keep their environmental footprint as low as possible.

Being persuaded of the economic justification of such a step, Infomaniak Network SA intends to demonstrate, using its own experience, that a technologically responsible attitude is compatible with healthy business growth.

This is why we have drawn up an ecological charter that we undertake to observe on a daily basis.

Energie propre
Use of clean energy

Respect the environment

The ecological charter is intended to demonstrate that with eco-friendly policies the company is securing its financial future in the long term, improving the image of the company and rallying all its employees, customers and suppliers around an ambitious project.

This charter is only at its beginning. It will be developed each year.

Committing ourselves in public

We are proud of our charter and invite as many companies as possible to invest publicly by displaying their commitment to the environment in the form of a charter.

Finally you will find a list of non profit organizations that we support and some useful links for Swiss firms who want to take similar steps.

17 commitments

Among the 17 commitments in our charter, you will find:

Purchasing electricity that is generated 100% with hydropower.
Company car powered by electricity.
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An amount equivalent to that of a new quality bicycle is allocated to each employee who undertakes to cycle to work during the warmer weather.
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A season ticket for public transport is offered to employees who choose this means of transport.
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Our air travel is offset by a CO2 tax.
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